Models of engagement

These models help us in striving for greater success and accomplishing all of our common goals.

Engagement models tailored to your needs

Whether it’s a dedicated team or a project-based approch, we adapt to fit your needs, ensuring easy teamwork and great results.

Dedicated team model

Long Partnership

Predictable budjet

Trustworthy relationships

DevOps cost optimization

Team optimization

The benefits of this model

How this model works

With this model, you have the opportunity to establish or expand your core team for operations with minimal risks. As our client, you will have the opportunity to work with a dedicated developer to collaborate on your project.

Fixed price model

Small projects

Fixed deadlines

Limited budget

Clear requirements

The benefits of this model

How this model works

The contract is based on a thorough pre-estimate of work needed for the project.

We will engage with you to define every aspect of the project, including requirements and costs.

Once we set the project scope and estimates, you can step back and let us handle the rest, minimizing the need for your supervision.

Hourly Rate Model

Dynamics requirements

Unclear Project Scope

Flexibility is required

Long-term Projects

The benefits of this model

How this model works

This model involves continuous involvement, granting you an active role throughout the development process. The project is divided into sprints, providing flexibility to discuss, vizualize, add, or remove features as we progress.